Joining the NextGen Network

NextGen is an invitation-only community of top founders, operators and executives representing the next generation of industry leaders. Venture Partners act as part-time venture capitalists who can help source investment opportunities, conduct due diligence and support portfolio companies.

In exchange for their time, Venture Partners gain access to competitive, vetted deals, with the option to invest in every company alongside NextGen’s early and growth stage funds. They can also access our private, proprietary online platform to network and collaborate with other Venture Partners across the country.

NextGen offers multiple avenues for Venture Partners to stay on top of the venture and tech landscape, and sharpen their deal evaluation skills through participating in diligence committee meetings and Venture 101 webinars, as well as reviewing investment memos our team creates for each deal we invest in.

Venture Partners network with each other during quarterly social events and find new job opportunities, hires, business partners and friends through our community.