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Driving a powerful portfolio support machine.

Bill Klein

Consero Global President


Zeke Dumke IV

Dumke Law, LLP Managing Partner


Tom Popomaronis

OpiaTalk CEO


David Bettner

Playful Corp Board Member


Sean Spector

Dropoff CEO & Co-Founder


Andy Black

Navanti Group CEO

Washington, DC

Brett Rogers

Brown Advisory General Counsel


Scot Wingo

Get Spiffy, Inc CEO

Research Triangle

Christopher Berrier

Brown Advisory Portfolio Manager


Todd Marcelle

GoMoto Founder & CEO

Washington, DC

Andrew Rosen

Interfolio CEO

Washington, DC

Omar Karar

Moelis & Company Vice President - Alternative Energy and Power IB

New York City

Daniel Buelhoff

SpringTechVentures Founding Partner


Christian Tom

NowThis Media VP Sales

New York City

Waikit Lau

Entrepreneur, Advisor & Investor Startup Helper & Investor


Zack Christenson

Crowdskout Co-Founder & CEO

Washington, DC

Ryan Murphy

McKinsey & Company Partner


Michael Wellman

Virgil Security, Inc. Founder & CEO

Washington, DC

Jim Kaplan

CHASELLA Managing Partner

New York City

Clayton Greene

NYSE Director, Capital Markets

New York City

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