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Brian Razzaque

SocialToaster, Inc. CEO


Chris Belew

Unbound Commerce Vice President Platform


Jason Byun

Angel Investor Serial Investor

New York City

Sujit Sama

EMC Isilon Enterprise Regional Territory Manager

New York City

Josh Kerr

Amazon Web Services Startup Business Development


Ammar Ahmed

Dell Medical School Physician


Jim DeLorenzo

Amazon Head of Sports - Amazon Video Channels

New York City

Derek Kleinow

Amazon Web Services Business Development

New York City

Rebecca Love CEO & Founder


Todd Marcelle

GoMoto Founder & CEO

Washington, DC

Yoav Shapira

Sentenai Advisor


Havell Rodrigues

Blue Hills Capital Principal


Jason Lavender

Series-Defender Outfitters LLC Owner

Washington, DC

Jamey Jeff

TrackMaven Chief Customer Officer

Washington, DC

Johann Moonesinghe

EquityEats Founder & CEO

Washington, DC

Mason Du

Benbria Co-founder and Chief Product Officer

New York City

Enrico Palmerino

Enrico LLC Owner


Ashley Bowling

Morgan Stanley Chief of Staff

New York City

Tomer Yogev

TandemSpring Chief Synergist


Imad Ahmed

Self Lender Startup Executive and Advisor


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