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Amanda Angelini

First Data Corporation Global Strategic Business Development

New York City

Pawel Swiatek

LOKL Co-Founder & CEO

Washington, DC

Nicholas Begich III

FarShore Partners CEO


Luke Schoenfelder

Latch CEO

New York City

David Rose


Research Triangle

Matthew Crisp

Benson Hill Biosystems President & CEO

Research Triangle

Chris Meldrum

Golden Pine Ventures, LLC Managing Director

Research Triangle

Brian Ballard

Upskill CEO

Washington, DC

Sara Zulkosky

CNF Investments, LLC Principal

Washington, DC

Matthew May

Acuity Founder


Angie Teates

Advantia Health SVP of Marketing & Customer Operations

Washington, DC

Deric Emry

Greenspring Associates Venture Partner


Adam Hocherman

Tinkineer, LLC President


Garth Brantley

Subscribe Pro Inc. Founder


Anurag Harsh

Ziff Davis Founding Executive

New York City

Mark Brenner

NarrowCast Ventures Managing Director

New York City

Alex Simon

Oscar Insurance Network Expansion

New York City

Jonathan Birnbaum

Vistia Group Co-Founder & COO

New York City

Bryan Lopez

VSS Partner


Mark Hanson

Fast Rope Labs Founder, Managing Partner

Washington, DC

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