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Nicole Wicker

Altopa Inc CFO

Research Triangle

Michael Tsakalos

Harbor East Management Group Property Manager


Jennifer Hsin

Clark Enterprises, Inc Director & CFO at CNF Investments, LLC

Washington, DC

Dmitry Dain

Virgil Security, Inc. Founder

Washington, DC

David Bettner

Playful Corp Board Member


Gill Haus

Capital One Senior Vice President, Retail and Direct Bank CIO at Capiptal One

Washington, DC

Rick Orr

RealSavvy CEO/Founder


Jim Kaplan

CHASELLA Managing Partner

New York City

Tatiana Langseth

Augaroo, Inc. Founder & CEO

Washington, DC

Sindhya Valloppillil

LifeNome Inc. Head of Marketing & Innovations; GM of SkinGenie

New York City

Daniel Kerzner Chief Product Officer

Washington, DC

Oltac Unsal

Smyrna Capital President

Washington, DC

Lawrence Black

Tiesta Tea Company Investor

Washington, DC

Blake Garrett

Aceable Founder and CEO


Gareth Moore

Adelphi Capital Principal

Washington, DC

Tom Cox

TEGNA (formerly Gannett) Vice President & Head of Corporate Development

Washington, DC

Sean Spector

Dropoff CEO & Co-Founder


Mike Baird

Avizia CEO, Founder

Washington, DC

Phillip Lachman

ClearMotion, Inc. Sr. Business Development & Key Account Manager


Olu Rhodes-Vivour

Cortex Building Intellignece SVP Sales

Washington, DC

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