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Eric Guthoff

CSM Sport & Entertainment Executive Director

New York City

Martin Ringlein

Eventbrite Head of R&D

Washington, DC

Guy Filippelli

Oxpoint Holdings Managing Director


Aunim Hossain

Cadre Director of Product

New York City

Christopher DCruz

NuBundle Co-Founder


Rebecca Horton

Trestles CEO & Co-Founder

Research Triangle

Colin Brechbill

Rentmoji Founder/CEO


Nathaniel Robinson

Cushman & Walkfield Global Head of Strategic Investments and M&A


Ashley Bowling

Angel Investor


Juan Porras

Factivate, Inc. Co-founder and CEO

Research Triangle

Brian Cyr

Datadog VP & General Counsel


Chris Carper

Microsoft Director, Customer Success


Dhruva Rajendra

Fast Rope Labs Founder

Washington, DC

Evan Kastner

KHRG LLP Partner


Jeffrey Levine

New York City

Bram Levy

Snagajob Senior Director, Strategic Services

Washington, DC

Elizabeth Nicol

Renoviso Director of Category Development

New York City

Tatiana Langseth

Augaroo, Inc. Founder & CEO

Washington, DC

Christopher Hertz

DivvyCloud Chief Marketing Officer

Washington, DC

Christopher College

TCP Venture Capital Managing Partner


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