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Driving a powerful portfolio support machine.

Jill Royster

Builder, Articulator, Connector, Steward Strategic Advisor and Investor

Joshua Wu

2morrow Capital Managing Director

Mike Baird

Avizia CEO, Founder

Jeb Ory

Phone2Action, Inc CEO & Co-Founder

Jim DeLorenzo

Amazon Head of Sports - Amazon Video

Rick Orr

RealSavvy CEO/Founder

Jerry Bowerman

John Paul II Center for Life Board Member

Joe Deal

Degree Prospects, LLC Founder

Guy Filippelli

Oxpoint Holdings Managing Director

Sly Barisic

FotoIN Mobile Corporation Founder & CEO

Gill Haus

Capital One Senior Vice President, Retail and Direct Bank CIO at Capiptal One

Josh Deckard

Hammerstone Capital Founder

Andrew Forster

Aliquot Founder | Managing Partner

Scot Wingo

Get Spiffy, Inc CEO

Ammar Ahmed

The University of Texas Assistant Professor of Dermatology

Johnson Cook

Boom Ventures Managing Partner

Jim Kaplan

CHASELLA Managing Partner

Johann Moonesinghe

inKind Capital Founder & CEO

Graham Peck

Coattails Venture Manager & Investment Committee Member

brett amerine

Cadron Capital Partners Co-Founder and Managing Partner

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