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Driving a powerful portfolio support machine.

Tim O'Regan

Point Blank Intelligence Founder & CEO

New York City

Will Lee

Walton Global Investments Vice President of Acquisition & Disposition - East Region

Washington, DC

Michael Avon

ICX Media, Inc Founder & CEO

Washington, DC

Christopher Guenther

NewsCorp SVP, Global head programatic

New York City

Blaise Warren

Invesco Corporate Strategy


Beth Bafford

Calvert Impact Capital VP, Syndications & Strategy

Washington, DC

Scott Soderstrom

FilingMate, Inc. CEO


Brian Marks

Trinket CTO

Research Triangle

Brian Ballard

Upskill CEO / Founder

Washington, DC

Will Peppo

Placecast CFO

Washington, DC

Travis Devitt

Aceable Inc. Director of Growth


Justin Label

Inner Loop Capital Seed Investor


Matthew Crisp

Benson Hill Biosystems President & CEO

Research Triangle

Joe Harar

EdgeConneX CFO

Washington, DC

Garth Brantley



Giordano Contestabile

Bloglovin' CEO

New York City

Jason Kwicien

OrderUp Inc. Co-Founder


Luke Fishback

PlotWatt CEO / Founder

Research Triangle

Mouli Narayanan

Zeblok Founder & CEO

New York City

Sean Glass

Advantia Health Chairman and CEO

Washington, DC

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