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Driving a powerful portfolio support machine.

Steve Goldenberg

Interfolio President & Chief Product Officer

Washington, DC

Tom Popomaronis

OpiaTalk CEO


Jordan Bar Am

McKinsey & Company Consultant

New York City

Mason Du

Benbria Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

New York City

Matthew Crisp

Benson Hill Biosystems President & CEO

Research Triangle

Shirin Malkani

Tilting Point Media GC & Head of Business Affairs

New York City

Juan Porras

Factivate, Inc. Co-founder and CEO

Research Triangle

Lister Delgado

IDEA Fund Partners Founder and Managing Partner

Research Triangle

Anatola He

HyperScience VP Business Development

New York City

Tarun Upaday

Gallop Chief Executive Officer

Washington, DC

Andrew Rosen

Interfolio CEO

Washington, DC

David Sandrowitz

The Media Trust Senior Vice President of Client Operations

Washington, DC

Jen O'Daniel

CIT GAP Funds Investment Director

Washington, DC

Craig Barrett

Aceable VP Marketing


Arun Prakash

Cerebri AI Vice President, Operations and Chief Financial Officer


Deric Emry

Greenspring Associates Venture Partner


Eric Horndahl

Renoviso CEO & Co-Founder


Frank Gruber Founder & CEO

Washington, DC

Victor Young

Take 44, Inc. Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder

New York City

Mike Baird

Avizia CEO, Founder

Washington, DC

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