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We invest in founders we can throw the power of our network behind. Our portfolio includes bold companies with category defining missions.


Be Aceable!

Mobile driver's education app.
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Dependency management meets continuous deployment.

Architect brings collaboration to the cloud, automating deployment AND networking for multi-service applications.
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Re-Defining Healthcare.

Complete telemedicine solutions.
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Enterprise Data on Demand

Bungee helps retailers and enterprise companies collect the higher quality, and more complete, data they need around competitive intelligence, in order to make better business decisions.
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Getting your car serviced has never been easier.

At CarDash, we believe that taking care of your car should be an easy and stress-free experience.
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Manage your fund in one place

Track fund performance, update LPs, get real-time IRR, run capital calls, and streamline LP communications.
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The patient journey starts with a ride.

Circulation provides a digital platform to coordinate convenient & reliable non-emergency transportation for all areas of healthcare.
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Astonishingly Good Customer Delivery Is Here

Concierge solution focused on customer delivery
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Better Video Needs Better Data.

Video needs data standards. Video needs a tool for centralized data collection. Video needs the Datazoom data control hub.
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The Network Recruiting Platform.

Drafted unlocks the full potential of your company network to source, qualify, and hire the right candidates.
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Dusty Robotics

Bringing BIM information out onto the field.

Providing automated layout services to the construction industry.
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Convenient at-home health testing.

Everlywell makes at home health testing easier than ever. Order directly, test your health from the comfort of home, get lab-quality results.
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Teach your mobile app to see.

Fritz AI is the end to end machine learning platform for iOS and Android edge intelligence.
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Workplace Training, Redefined.

The all-in-one training platform for modern teams.
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Supporting the Real Workflows of Higher Education.

Software to improve higher education decisions.
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Connect your event streams to actions

Kaskada processes your event streams to automatically act on situations in real-time.
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Happier, Healthier Patients. Modern treatment tools for therapists.

Limbix helps therapists better treat patients with mobile, online, and virtual reality technology.
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The best way to play with your community.

Join community organized leagues, ladders, tournaments and more.
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Master Your Money.

Developing a bank that is built around the needs of SMBs. By leveraging the infrastructure of third party fintech services, Mercury company can build an easy to use experience that is optimized for mobile/web.


Fight fraud with intelligence.

NS8 is a comprehensive fraud prevention platform that combines behavioral analytics, real-time scoring, and global monitoring to help businesses minimize risk.
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Neighborhood Goods

A Department Store with a Story.

Neighborhood Goods is a new type of department store, featuring an ever-changing landscape of the world's most exciting brands and products.
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Entertain your Riders

Play Octopus is the premier rideshare entertainment platform using tablets that enhance the rideshare experience with games, cash prizes and other entertainment for riders.
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Optii Solutions

The Optimum Housekeeping Solution.

Optii Solutions is transforming housekeeping operations to help hotels drive down costs and increase guest satisfaction.
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Penrose Studios

Creators of Virtual Reality Worlds & Stories.

Augmented and virtual reality stories.
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Instant pay for independent contractors.

Empowering the gig economy workforce by relieving the pain point of invoice cycles.
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Giving everyone access to early-stage startup investing

RunSafe Security

Zero Days are numbered.

Shifting the cyber advantage from the attacker to the defender.
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Sea Machines Robotics

Enhancing vessel safety, efficiency, and capability.

Sea Machines provides autonomous control and advanced perception systems for the maritime industry.
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Changing the way pharmacy benefits are managed.

SmithRx is the next-generation pharmacy benefit partner built on a modern technology platform that creates new levels of flexibility, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.
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The lean, mean, API testing machine.

Stoplight provides engineering teams with the best way to document, test, and build web APIs.
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Syncari powers painless data management for revenue teams.

Inaccurate and incomplete data affects business growth. Syncari standardizes and synchronizes data across your entire app landscape, without IT complexity or expensive custom integrations.
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Mobile Video Tools

Tape is a platform focused on mobile video tools that supercharges lead conversion with sales/customer outreach that is both automated and humanized.
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Fast and affordable credit that helps you pay rent on time.

We develop and deploy financial technologies that improve sustainable and affordable housing opportunities.
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AI that understands your customers.

Using unsupervised artificial intelligence, the company automatically understands patterns in a dataset without needing training or guidance from humans. The result allows them to analyze patterns to help you improve everything from your pricing and promotion strategy to your customer satisfaction ratings.


Connecting the hands-on workforce.

Software powering smart glasses.
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Hello Happiness.

On-demand fresh flower delivery.
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Vemo Education

Aligning value and student success in higher education.

Vemo Education is working with higher education institutions to design and deploy income-based financing programs

Vesta Home

Become your own brand.

Vesta Home allows interior designers to create their own furniture lines and promote their brands.
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Virgil Security

Protect Everything, Everywhere, Always.

Passwordless data security for apps.
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Virgin Hyperloop One

Changing the Way We Think About Transportation.

Transportation innovation and solution for the future, creating efficient travel for commerce - for people, cargo and trade.
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Helping the World See and Feel Better.

Complete an eye exam using your computer, tablet or smart phone and receive prescription in 24 hours or less.
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Friendly pharma for teams.

Building a platform that aims to reduce pharmaceutical costs and improve patient health in partnership with self-insured companies and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs).
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Virtual Restaurants as a Service

Zuul is an innovative virtual kitchen solution. We help restaurants effortlessly scale - unlocking new demand via a network of delivery-only smart kitchens.
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